Gunn Admin Solutions are specialists in the use of MYOB accounting software in order to manage the book keeping process for small to medium businesses. Gunn Admin Solutions owner, Christie Gunn, has developed systems and procedures to meet with government and best business practices in order to track all business information as well as the business owner’s personal information.

Gunn Admin Solutions works with business owners to help them understand their business. Having the administration and bookkeeping requirements taken care of in a timely, accurate, professional and efficient manner, frees the owner to work in their business while giving them guidance and relevant information relating to their particular situation. Armed with this information owners are empowered to make informed decisions and enables them to work on their business growth.

Gunn Admin Solutions can tailor services to your business requirements and complete bookkeeping for clients on a quarterly, monthly or more regular recurrence depending on business needs and reporting requirements. We provide services on-site, off-site, and remote access.

Our Services Include:

Bookkeeping Basic: Data entry of all income and expenses from statements.

Simple payroll processing: recording timesheets and preparing and emailing payslips for employers of 6 or less employees.

Advanced book keeping: includes all the activities from basic book keeping as well as payroll for employers with 7- 20 employees along with advanced book keeping activities

Full service book keeping: including all of the above activities also covers inventory, time billing, job costing, auditing, sales and expense analysis and Payroll for up to 30 employees.

Management Consulting: offering assistance to start up and new businesses in developing accounting and business practices

MYOB Setup & Training: We assist clients in setting up their own MYOB files and thoroughly train their staff on MYOB.

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